Literature Is Truth In Fahrenheit 451

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Literature is truth. Whether it be fiction or nonfiction, somewhere in the world, it is someone 's truth. The lines dance and sing a story that becomes ideas and veracity in our society. It is expression for those who cannot find it in voice. It is a vast world in which any one can live and explore, thrive. Ideas and knowledge are stored. Mistakes are logged and learning is developed. Literature defines humankind. So why would the Government take it away? In Ray Bradbury’s novel, Fahrenheit 451, Guy Montag lingers in a world where literature is burned by fireman in front of the reader’s eyes. The Government fears intellect and view-points, so they remove it. They burn it. And Montag never questioned this. In fact, he loved it. He loved to burn. But after meeting a strange intellect named, Clarisse, he started questioning everything he ever believed as routine. Ray Bradbury asks the question whether a censored, innovative society keep peace and prosperity? Or does it lead to a shallow, colorless world where the earth cries out for your attention but you are moving too fast to see it.
Fahrenheit 451 consists of a man named, Guy Montag who lives in a futuristic world where no one reads books, in fact it is illegal. People do not relax or enjoy earth or have alone time, everything is fast paced and full of television screens the size of walls. Montag lives as a fireman who burns book and loves it. One day he meets a strange girl named Clarisse who opens his eyes to this dull

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