Technology In There Will Come Soft Rain

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Technology and Its Control Over Society In many of his pieces, writings, and novels, Ray Bradbury reflects the immense reliance and close connection that humanity has with technology. He also depicts the dangerous effects that could come from having this relationship, such as a loss of independency and self-control over one’s mind and actions. If humanity were to continue to allow technology to have this disastrous power and control, society’s downfall is certain and destined to come. In the writing of “There Will Come Soft Rains,” the author displays a family’s deep reliance on the technology of their home to help them complete even the of tasks. Throughout the day, the home chronologically follows a strategic system based on the family’s …show more content…

In the story, an organization name Safari Inc. Has, over many years, continued to allow people to time travel to a desired time period for an exchange of an extensive amount of money. Before a group proceeds to traveling, the safari leader states how "a time machine is finicky business. Not knowing it, we might kill an important animal, a small bird, a roach, a flower even, thus destroying an important link in a growing species" (A Sound of Thunder 2). Through this it is further demonstrating just how destructive time traveling can be. It is obviously pointed out that the organization is aware of the calamity events that could come from traveling, yet because they want to continue making money, they continue to allow and abuse this power that has come from the extremely advanced technological machine. Sooner than later, they will find themselves in a disrupting predicament in which they will not be able …show more content…

This, as a result, will certainly cause humanity as a whole to lose their own instinct of independency and self-control. What will be left of society will most unfortunately be unbalanced, inefficient, and appalling. As a result, society should come to the conclusion that technology isn’t disastrous itself alone, it is the connection and reliance that we have with it that makes it disastrous. Before we come face to face with terrible and unexplainable situations, it is wise for us as a society to reach a decision to overcome this dependency and be able to function properly once again to continue to live a prosperous and fulfilling

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