Comparing The Veldt 'And Cooking Time' By Ray Bradbury

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Technology is becoming a more significant influence in today's society as each day passes. People become more reliant on technology which can end up being bad. As technology advances, people make more advancements to make everyday tasks easier for people, which can lead to everyone being dependent on technology. In the texts “The Veldt” and “Cooking Time” the two authors Ray Bradbury and Anita Roy talk about technology advancements and the society it creates. Bradbury and Roy use the conventions of science fiction to critique society on how scientific advancements can be bad. Both authors’ critiques of society relate to today’s society in some way, but Bradbury's critique relates the most to our society right now. In “The Veldt” Bradbury …show more content…

One piece of evidence that supports this claim is, “Everything people needed, and people needed fuel, and we all needed Newtri. That’s not to say everyone was happy about it — I mean, look around you, right? But what choice did we have” (Roy 2). Newtri took over everything and made the people have no choice but to eat processed food even if people didn't agree with it, because everyone needed Newtri. Another piece of evidence that supports this claim is, “Nobody from the Sectors had even seen real food in their lifetime. It was fifty years since the Dying Out, thirty since the last great food wars, and twenty since AgroGlobal crushed the last aquaculture smallholdings, and established itself as the world’s largest — only — manufacturer of artificial food” (Roy 2). Nobody has seen real food and AgroGlobal is in full control of producing artificial food, causing people to have no choice but to eat their food or starve. This is how Roy's story uses the science-fiction convention of technological advancements to show how bad they can

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