How Does Fahrenheit 451 Exist Today

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The experience of reading a book can never be replicated. In Fahrenheit 451, people have replaced books with television. The parlor walls allow the person to go into the story like a person reading a book. Technology like that exists in present day society. The loss of physical books is exactly what Bradbury feared. Unlike in Fahrenheit 451, the e-book exists today. E-books have started to replace physical books. E-books are accessible and will help keep peoples passion for books alive. Technology will always be in people’s lives and books in any form, will be too.

The technological society in Fahrenheit 451 is very similar to the society that exists today. In their futuristic society, they have seashells and thimble radios that closely …show more content…

Authors often gain ideas from their own experiences and the society around them. Fahrenheit 451 was written during the Golden Age of television. During this time, everybody was turning to television and books were quickly decreasing in popularity. Bradbury noticed this trend and eventually created a futuristic technological society which exists in Fahrenheit 451. Our society has begun to replace physical books with e-books. Bradbury’s fear was not about losing books in general but loosing physical books which is comprehendible because the E-book was invented 18 years after Fahrenheit 451 was published. Bradbury loved physical books and did not allow “Fahrenheit 451” to be published as an e-book until November of 2011. He only agreed because it wouldn’t be possible to have a new contract without e-book rights. Bradbury has stated that he detests the internet and modern technology in general. His love for physical books and hatred towards technology could have contributed to his fear of technology replacing books. In present day society, books are appropriately valued. Over one million books were published in the U.S. in 2009, which is more than triple the number of books published four years earlier (2005) in the U.S. Despite this, bookstore sales have drastically gone down. Simon & Schuster, a major publisher that has been in the e-book market longer than any other publisher, reported that sales and

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