Fahrenheit 451 Research Papers

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Ray Bradbury lead the rise of the science fiction genre with his short stories and novels. Unlike many other science fiction writers who embraced the advancement of technology, Ray wrote several books which told of futures where technology had, in his eyes, ruined society. In his first novel, Fahrenheit 451, he tells of a society of illiterate, materialistic drones that sit and watch TV all day. Ray foreshadowed that television would soon take over people’s lives and kill off literacy. He predicted that people would stay indoors and would not socialize or share intelligent conversation. Ray Bradbury couldn’t have been more wrong. In Fahrenheit 451, the preferred pastime of adults was to watch TV on huge, wall-sized sets. People would …show more content…

In his novel, Fahrenheit 451, he wrote of a very violent youth. “I'm afraid of children my own age. They kill each other. Did it always used to be that way? My uncle says no. Six of my friends have been shot in the last year alone. Ten of them died in car wrecks. I'm afraid of them and they don't like me because I'm afraid. My uncle says his grandfather remembered when children didn't kill each other. But that was a long time ago when they had things different” (27) In Fahrenheit 451’s society, the youth were dangerous. They drove fast and often killed people. However, according to the National Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center, “ In recent years, fewer teens are carrying weapons, teen murder arrests have dropped by almost 60%, and the arrest rate for violent crimes is down 36% from its peak in 1994”. Youth violence and violence in general are at an all time low in the United States, and are still declining. Bradbury’s prediction of a violent youth is, thankfully, not looking too relevant nowadays. In Fahrenheit 451, society has outlawed books. Nobody reads. In schools, children only read facts about history, science, and other subjects. Books are burned along with the houses they reside in. “”Do you ever read any of the books you bum?" He laughed. "That's against the law!””

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