Never Read Book Fahrenheit 451

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Fahrenheit 451 created many ideas, such as true quality of books, purpose of why reading book are important, and if we stopped reading then the children from new generation will never read as well. Even though the internet and social media replaced our need of information, entertainment, and the books, the books shall be required to be read by everyone. Books have power, should be for everyone because books promotes knowledge to people, creates wider worldview, and keeps culture living through generation.

In Fahrenheit 451, the people who never read book knew nothing. Books promotes us knowledge, but without being read then nobody can benefit no matter how much value the books has. In Fahrenheit 451, Mildred and her friend were hanging out, …show more content…

Now in days, people especially children or teenagers do not read book much as they used to be and should be. Due to lack of reading, most of children became weak and unknowledgeable against society because lack of reading decreases vocabulary knowledge and weak writing skill. Children now a day uses internet and social media as reliable sources, but they will never learn to think and question themselves. Children will never build a strength to problem solve their own and engage creativity thinking if everyone only and acquire information from internet. Increase use of internet or social media caused us human being to have an entertainment, care, security, and convenience, but at same time they took our ability to be independent. Technologies we have are convenient and useful to rely on, but most our information, knowledge, other need for own personal need such as security are on technologies not people so depending on technologies too much took our knowledge, strength to problem solve ourselves, and ability to be independent. Even though the internet and social media replaced our most of need, reading a books can build stronger knowledge, having creativity idea, and strength of

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