The First Section Of Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury

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Rough Draft Fahrenheit 451 Fahrenheit 451 is a book written by Ray Bradbury that talks about the future and is split into three different sections. People will argue that Fahrenheit 451 being split into three sections shows no importance to the book; however, each title from the section is relevant to the events that take place in it. The first section of Fahrenheit 451 is called The Hearth & The Salamander and shows symbolism that hints at Montag’s life. Ray Bradbury writes, “...she seemed hypnotized by the salamander on his arm... “And you must be”-she raised her eyes from his professional symbols “-the fireman.” (Bradbury 6). From that interaction we can tell Clarisse knows what the symbol means and by wearing it Montag has to be a fireman. The title for section one is important because it is a clue to Montag’s profession as a fireman. …show more content…

We find out what the sieve and the sand means to Montag, “Fill this sieve and you’ll get a dime!” And the faster he poured, the faster it sifted through… he felt the tears move down his cheeks. (Bradbury 78). This memory of Montag’s demonstrates his frustration and anger when he cannot get the dime. The main chunk of segment two proves that Montag can’t accomplish anything. He tries to read to Mildred and her friends and fails; he tries to hide his books and fails again. The title for section two is suited for it due to the entire part being about Montag failing, just like the

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