Fahrenheit 451 About Bradbury Future

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Donald Watt once said “Is the book Fahrenheit 451 about Bradbury future?” Most people have actually ask the same question over and over. Mr.Bradbury has yet not to give them an answer before he past away. Ray Bradbury also wrote Science Fiction and fantasy. Multiple of people also say “that he is the king of science fiction and fantasy.”
Ray Bradbury is the son of Leonard Spaulding and Esther. He was born on August 22 1920 in Waukegan Illinois. When he was about 5 years old his family moved to Los Angeles. He graduated from Los Angeles high school in 1938. After high school he wrote for student of life which is in the LA newspaper. He wrote for them for 4 years. Bradbury spent most nights in their local library and during the day he often …show more content…

Ray said “Some time i get angry so i write a story about my anger.” Some time i get delighted so i write stories about my delighted so i wrote a whole series about short stories.” One of the stories The Golden Kite, The Silver wind . Written in 1953 it was published during the cold war. It is about Nuclear arm race between the U.S and the Soviet Union . The set is in a small town in china there is little technology they don't have electricity ,automobile,or advanced irrigation. The king's daughter says “what are kites without the wind to sustain them and make them beautiful?” they said “its nothing.” she said that because the kite is representing the wind and the two fightingtown should be able to live in peace. The Golden Kite , the silver wind is a collection of the Golden apples. Some People say that “The Golden Apples is the best short stories by Ray Bradbury.” Ray has 1000’s school Curriculum and he has more than 600 short stories. Ray Bradbury also wrote some poems and plays one of his famous poems is the Bike Repair Man. One of his play are levia than 99 which is a (Radio play). Radio plays are plays that are done on the radio. You can only hear them on the radio. So you would never see what it would look like in a actual …show more content…

Bradbury spent more than 50 years of his life writing books and it took him 30 years to learn how to write plays (Riley). Moby Dick is one of the plays that Ray helped right. On April 28 he got an award for writing theater. He also told other play writers not to give up. He also said “do it because you love it , don't do it for the money ,because there isn't any.” He was basically telling people don't do some things because you will get a lot of money out of it do it because it fun for you. One of his reason why he so close to theater is because he was 1st cast in a musical when he was 15. He also collaboration with pandemonium theater company. They put together a total of 18 to 20 plays. Ray Bradbury considers himself a fancy writer and not a science fiction writer. One of ray bradbury movie is called “The Illustrated Man” Ray got mad because the movie had nothing to do with the book they also put swear words in the movie which is not in the book (Riley). Mc Cay once said “Ray is a rare find .” Ray Bradbury is a unique writer in both his imagination and his language. His line are not that ordinary in any kind of

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