What Is Ray Bradbury's Impact On Fahrenheit 451

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We all have a story; the story consists of everything that happened to us from our earliest years, to our last moments on earth. It is undoubtable that all human experiences influence people in all aspects of their life. Writers are people who pour their knowledge and experiences into words. The American author Ray Bradbury had a story as well. Bradbury was born August 22, 1920 in Waukegan, Illinois. Bradbury’s love for comics, sci-fi, and fantasy began in his early childhood and turned into a lifelong career for him as a writer. Ray Bradbury lived through some of the most difficult and impactful times in United States history, such as The Great Depression, World War II, and the Cold War. Although Bradbury claimed that he did not intend to write about these events, it is evident that they impacted his work. On the other hand Bradbury claimed that his sole purpose for writing novels like “Fahrenheit 451”, was to warn against the dangers of technology. The other fundamental influence on Bradbury’s writing was his personal life. Bradbury always had a childlike heart; he …show more content…

Although the previous statement is true, Bradbury wrote the novel during the Cold War era, which was the era of McCarthyism. McCarthyism was a strong effort against communism that took place after World War II; McCarthyism gave birth to the Red Scare, which was a widespread fear of the rise of communism. During this time new ideas were introduced to Bradbury, like the censorship of television and the media. Upon looking at “Fahrenheit 451” it seems that living during an era of censorship encouraged Bradbury to write about it, but in a different sense. Instead of focusing on how the media was censoring television, like during the Cold War, he introduces censorship in the form of book

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