Optimism In Fahrenheit 451

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The author of the science fiction book Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury is taken by most readers as pessimistic. The reason for this is because of the plot of the book being that instead of firemen stopping fires they create them. In addition to that, he seems pessimistic because of occurring events that happen throughout the book. The main character of the book is a "fireman" but his job as a fireman is to burn all books and houses with books in them. This seems very pessimistic, but as the book goes on and throughout the book it shows that Bradbury could also be optimistic. I believe Ray Bradbury is mainly pessimistic with some optimism because burning houses down as our future in society is very pessimistic, also through all the "new" mechanical technology that is ruining the world of Fahrenheit 451 which is very pessimistic, yet at the same time Montag 's courageous actions Bradbury is showing his optimism. …show more content…

The whole plot being that firemen create fires in the story yet in reality they get rid of them, that is very pessimistic. In the book firemen burn books and any houses with books in them to prevent anyone from broadening their horizons and going against the government. A similar thing happened in Nazi Germany which was an extremely negative time in history. Another example would be, in the beginning when Montag is talking to Clarisse and she asks "are you happy?" Montag is really not sure because he later realizes that he really wasn 't happy when she asked that. I believe he shows his pessimistic side through all the characters except Montag and Clarisse and through the plot of the

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