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After earning my Associates Degree from Miami Dade College I was overjoyed with excitement on my accomplishment and my new goal of continuing my education to achieve a 4-year degree. I applied and attended Florida International University in the pursuit of getting a Bachelor in Fine Arts and in Computer Science. However, after my first semester I realized that over time I grew disinterested in my major. Around this time of my life I was fortunate to have met a firefighter at my local church. We were helping out in the church at the time and we started to talk. He mentioned his occupation and I immediately grew more interested in our conversation. I started asking him many question of firefighting and starting growing in love with the idea of being a firefighter. …show more content…

It wasn’t till a couple of years later while working at Miami Dade College that me and a colleague of mines decided to get our weights under control and in the present having a new found confidence in myself I decided to pursue a career as a firefighter. Today I am a certified EMT both nationally and for the state, and currently in the pursuit of obtaining a certificate in the paramedic program at Miami Dade College. Currently me and my family are facing financial issues after my great aunt went through a medical emergency after suffering from both Pneumonia and Congested heart failure. She is undocumented so most of the hospital bills fall under our shoulders to take care

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