Why I Chose Community College Essay

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Picking to attend a Community college for me is the best choice that I picked for my education. Community colleges provide a great service to students in many more ways other than just education. They help students who are unsure what they want to do or are unable to attend a four year university. Community Colleges also provide continuing education even after they have gotten a degree and a job. The idea of community colleges to me is a place to get a good education and explore different options, and meet some great people. On the web site of the American Association of Community Colleges it says, “The mission of the community college is to provide education for individuals, many of whom are adults, in its service region”. This means that …show more content…

When I first graduated high school I thought I wanted to be a pilot to fly airplanes, so I signed up to attend classes at Kishwaukee College located in DeKalb. ECC helped me sing up for classes at an in district rate because Elgin could not offer the courses that I wanted to me. During the first semester I found out that I did not want to become a pilot anymore and that I would be happier if I changed and focused on computer science. The advisors helped me schedule classes back at ECC for computer science then next semester. During the last year and a half at ECC I have been able to start fulfilling my education goals by getting a good education and find out what I want to go to college for. The college has helped me in many ways not only with my education. One example of this is I have been able to work the whole time that I have been attending classes. This allowed me to save enough money that now when I transfer to NIU in January with my associates degree, I will be able to pay for it in full without taking out student loans. This was one of my fears be for going into college was that I was going to be in debt after. ECC has helped my accomplish at least two of my goals while I was here, get a good education and not have to take out a student loan. The college has also giving me the opportunity to meet some of my best friends and mentors while in attendants

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