What Is Eldorado County Fire Mission Statement

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The design above represents the organizational logo that the firefighters wear on their uniform (Eldorado County Fire District). Eldorado County hold its core values to heart and memorize them and live by them. The core values represented by every firefighter in Eldorado county are “professionalism, excellence, respect, integrity, and dedication” Captain Rob Sime said. Eldorado County fires mission statement is “Dedicated to provide an all-risk service to our citizens that results in improved quality of life and peace of mind. As a team, we will strive to minimize loss and suffering through our emergency service delivery, public education and community service activities. We will provide this service with Pride, Trust and Integrity” (Michael …show more content…

The most common services provided are “fire services, ems services, public assist, water rescue, wildland and some personnel are members of a VSR team” (Sime). Eldorado County fire has about 233 structure fires per year with station 25 having the most at almost sixty fires, and station 72 having only seven fires. For wildland fires, the total amount of fires comes out to about 200 fires per year. As for public assist, the numbers are significantly higher at the total number between stations being approximately 905 assist (Hardy). In order to get a job with Eldorado county fire department the mandatory requirements are “EMT or paramedic, fire academy, be at least 18 years old” (The Career Firefighter). With this county being as big as it is there needs to be several stations to cover each area. There are fifteen total fire stations with five of them being volunteer and one of them being out of service (Eldorado County Fire Stations). As for specialty units, there really isn’t any, Eldorado County relies on surrounding agencies to assist with events such as HazMat rescue. Since the change and re organization of the agency, fire chief Michael Hardy has created a 5-year plan that involves creating a budget will work efficiently and effectively in maintaining equipment, while also paying sufficient salaries to the

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