Mission Statements Of The Knoxville Police Department And The Cincinnati

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For this assignment the mission statements of the Knoxville (TN) Police department (KPD) and the Cincinnati (OH) Police Department (CPD) were obtained from their respective websites. The mission statement of the Cincinnati Police Department (2015) states that their mission is to, “… develop personnel and manage resources to promote effective partnerships with the community to improve the quality of life through the delivery of fair and impartial police services while maintaining an atmosphere of respect for human dignity.” They also have their core values included on their website. CPD lists its core values as integrity, professionalism, diversity, accountability, and vigilance (Cincinnati Police Department, 2015). The website of the Knoxville Police Department includes a mission and values statement that reads,
“Knowing that … officers are held to a higher standard of conduct, officers … shall strive to uphold …show more content…

Both are similar to the core values of the FBI as presented by Cronkhite (2013) in that they expect officer to be professional. The mission and values of the KPD go even farther and acknowledges and accepts the fact that police officer are held to a higher standard than the public. Both of the agencies examined include points that are part of the Canons of Police Ethics from the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) (Cronkhite, 2013). The KPD mission and values statement specifically references that an officer should conduct his private life in a manner that does not reflect poorly on his profession as does Article 6 of the canons of Police Ethics (Cronkhite, 2013). The same qualities and standard listed in Article 7 are also part of both departments’ statements. For example, both departments have language in their respective statement about an officer’s conduct when dealing with the community and

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