Annotated Bibliography On Community Based Policing

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The topic for this research proposal project is on community policing, and the factors that are involved in determining if relationships between law enforcement and citizens in these neighborhoods are strained. In order to be successful, community policing must be built on trust, as both civilians and law enforcement must work hand in hand to protect their communities. If there is a lack of trust, then these programs becomes broken, and can therefore lead to other violence and criminal acts.
This research proposal project will focus on minority based communities and citizens, where the majority of the citizens are either African American or Hispanic. The references used in this study will be used to build knowledge on the subject, and to identify additional variables that come into play that can lead to communities to having a negative perception, or negative attitude towards law enforcement and community policing initiatives.
Annotated Bibliography
Gill, C., Weisburd, D., Telep, C., Vitter, Z., & Bennett, T. (2014). Community-oriented policing to reduce crime, disorder and fear and increase satisfaction and legitimacy among citizens: a systematic review. Journal Of Experimental Criminology, 10(4), 399-428. doi:10.1007/s11292-014-9210-y
This journal article examines the implementation of Community- Oriented Policing (COP) programs, in order to identify their “effects on crime, disorder, fear, citizen satisfaction, and police legitimacy” (Gill et al., 2017, p.399) in all

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