Militarization Of Police Essay

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Militarization of police is an important modern concern within the criminal justice discipline. Many argue that the formation of special units within the police department has greatly aided in this militarization of police. These special units, including the Bomb Squad and SWAT Team, may contribute to the increased police force across the United States. Proponents of the militarization believe that police should use what they find suitable to protect the community and themselves from danger. However, opponents maintain that the cost to supply units with equipment is extremely high and that by arming police with military weapons breaks police-community relations. In addition, adversaries claim that violence used by the police promotes violence in the community. As a result of escalated brutality, it is critical for police departments to gain the support of citizens to alter their perception of specialized police units. Nevertheless, with increased violence throughout the United States, it is crucial …show more content…

The development of the Bomb Squad and SWAT Teams are prime examples of how police departments are militarizing. Supporters of the militarization of police forces state that it is essential to keep up with the potential threats of terrorism and gangs. It is the police’s duty to keep their country safe and if the only way to accomplish this is to militarize the police, it is necessary. While it aids in keeping the community safe, the main reason supporters encourage militarization is that it protects the police officers from being harmed (Sheeler). Their heavy equipment protects them, enabling them to defend the community. In addition, supporters state that it is necessary to have proper training procedures for extremely dangerous situations. The federal government has contributed to the military mentality as they provide grants and equipment to state and local governments to protect their

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