War On Cops Summary

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“...Much of the recent crime increase threatens the vitality of America’s cities–and thousands of lives–it is not, in itself, the greatest danger in today’s war on cops. The greatest danger lies, rather, in the delegitimation of law and order itself’ (Mac Donald). In the book “The War on Cops: How the New Attack on Law and Order Makes Everyone Less Safe,” published in the year of 2016, author Heather Mac Donald provides credible evidence to expand on her viewpoint of our country’s current criminal crisis. In addition to “The War on Cops, Mac Donald has written two other books. Her works “Are Cops Racist?” of 2003 and “The Burden of Bad Ideas: How Modern Intellectuals Misshape Our Society” of 2000 contain ideas similar to those expressed in “The War on Cops.” The powerful stance Mac Donald takes on certain themes expressed throughout “The War on Cops” direct the reader’s understanding towards the flaws of America’s governmental systems, revealing the backstory and complexity of racism and criminal justice behind our “war on cops.” To begin, Mac Donald notes one of the many shortcomings of the Obama administration, of which she addresses frequently throughout the book. She criticizes the acknowledgements of police racism and the bias in the criminal justice system made by President Barack Obama on national television, stating “In doing so, he …show more content…

Unfortunately, The Obama Administration soon leaves office with the worst race relations our country has faced in decades. The reason being that after failing in foreign and domestic policy, the democratic party needed a rallying point. One of those points was Black Lives Matter, which is and was a cynical effort promoted by self interest of the Democratic party to manipulate inner city blacks and win their support. In turn, votes for a democratic party that has utterly failed to bring any form of change to the impoverished black people of our

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