Firefighting Essays

  • Firefighting Organizational Culture

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    Unit 5 Writing Assignment We all know that organizational culture is one of the most influential aspects of firefighting; especially relating to our safety and prevention culture, which is—in my opinion, the part of firefighting that deserves the most of our attention, for it directly involves how we keep the community and ourselves safer. However, despite the fact that our organizational culture is so impactful on our safety and prevention practices; as well as influences the occurrences of LODDs

  • Firefighter Career Essay

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    States firemen have been battling these fires since this country was founded. I am interested in this job because I want to go out every day and make in a difference in people's lives all across the country. Because firefighting is a dangerous job, it appeals to me very much. Firefighting would be a great job for any individual who is willing to put in the work and risk their life to help others. Becoming a firefighter is not an easy task. It is a physically demanding and dangerous job. "A firefighter

  • Durham Fire Department Business Analysis

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    The Durham Fire Department was first established in 1872 as a volunteer department and was comprised of 3 stations. After the great fire in 1909 that burned down City Hall, and a lack of unity between the 3 stations, the local government decided that the city should have a full staff department. Jay Percy created the first logo for the department in 1971 just after the department split from public safety to two separate departments, fire and police. The logo for the Durham Fire Department defines

  • Fire Department Research Paper

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    To begin with, regular services have proven useful. Waiting for the vehicle to breakdown is always unbecoming. For short-term maintenance that can be completed in one day. There are some companies that carry a full complement of firefighting tools and equipment. The department uses long-term reserves for apparatus undergoing more lengthy repairs. Long-term reserves can last from two days to several months. When these are used, the apparatus crew switches over all of their equipment

  • NFPA 25: Comparing Two Areas Of Concern To Fire

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    the customary for periodic inspection, testing, and maintenance of water based fire protection systems. A fire can be doused, either physically (firefighting) or spontaneously. Physical comprises the procedure of a fire extinguisher or a standpipe system. Spontaneous means can comprise a fire sprinkler system, a gasiform hygienic agent, or firefighting foam spray system and the importance of having an effective fire alarm system or automatic fire detection systems. Klaus (2013) explains that in

  • Josh Dinsmore: The Great Firefighter

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    Josh Dinsmore: Firefighter The Great Fire of London in 1666 created the jumpstart to fire sciences and firefighting. This outrageous fire lead to the formation of the world’s first fire insurance company, which allowed buildings with a fire mark to be protected against fires, rather than being burned to the ground. As the years passed, fires became more of a problem and something else had to be done. Therefore, Benjamin Franklin organized the first formal volunteer fire company in 1736, which then

  • Girard Fire Observation

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    The most unforgettable day was when Rodney took me to the fire station in Girard where he is a volunteer firefighter and allowed me to see how everything works and I was able to try on his uniform. I learned how they handle everything from the beginning of a call to the ending. I was showed how they handle the rescue once they get notified, depending on the type of incident; the chief will decide who comes to the station first and who goes directly to the scene since this is a volunteer fire community

  • History Of Firefighting

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    History of Fire Fighting Firefighting is a professionalism that requires courage, dedication and commitment from those who are involved with it. Firefighting began in ancient Egypt and spread to the West into Europe and America. The history looks at the pioneers, its evolution and the improvements innovation has brought in. Firefighting originated from ancient Egypt, with evidence of earliest accounted firefighting equipment supporting the claim. The equipment was a pump, built by Ctesibius in

  • How To Become A Firefighter Essay

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    To serve and Protect The definition of a firefighter is “a person whose job is to extinguish fires”, however that just scratches the surface of the many responsibilities of a firefighter. A firefighter can fight a fire and also make an emergency medical call if need be. The work of a firefighter is dangerous, it can include collapsing buildings, emergency medical situation, and in extreme cases, even death. A firefighter needs to have a variety of skills such as evacuate fire structures and treat

  • Becoming A Firefighter

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    In this research paper will describe what is needed to be a firefighter. The Operating vehicles. Part of the fire detail to superiors, subordinates, or interagency dispatch center, using two-way radios.An other thing do in the job Evaluate size, location, and condition of forest fires. a serve as a working leader of an engine, hand, helicopter, or prescribed fire crew of three or more firefighters. The knowledge you need for being a firefighter. should know public safety. It would help if know

  • African American Firefighters

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    with several others led to the creation of the first fire department established in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Less than 100 years later in 1818, the same city of Philadelphia, a group of African Americans wanted to join the noble profession of firefighting naming the group the African Fire Association. However, they were not allowed as it was protested by white firefighters citing the reason that establishing a fire department by people of color could result in serious injury and safety in times

  • Advantages Of Smokejumpers For Firefighters

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    Are you a bit of a daredevil and looking for a job? I 've got the job an awesome job for you. Become a smokejumper! Smokejumpers are firefighters that fight forest fires but there is a little something special about how they get to the fire. They jump from a plane and parachute to it! Smokejumpers are the first responders to wildfires when they are reported. They go out and parachute down to the fire and they attempt to control it. They fight it for 2-3 days and if they can 't they call in for backup

  • Similarities Between The Arrow And The Flash

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    Two of the most incredible television shows in the DC Comics universe are Arrow and The Flash. Both are heart-warming, gut-retching action shows that feature superheroes, love-lives and awesome costumes. Despite those similarities both characters and their shows are very different. The Flash is a meta-human with super speed named Barry Allen and The Arrow is just a regular person who never misses a shot with a bow named Oliver Queen. Both The Flash and The Arrow have super smart teams and secondary

  • Firefighter Flashlight Research Paper

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    Firefighter Flashlights Firefighters all over the world depend on several tools to fight fires, keep themselves safe, and protect others from harm. One of the tools they depend on is their flashlight. Firefighter flashlights must meet the standards that are required to do their jobs. The light output must be enough for them to be able to see through thick smoke, and they must hold up under high temperatures. If not, it could jeopardize their safety and the safety of others. The Streamlight

  • A Career As A Firefighter

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    The primary function of a firefighter is to protect the community from disaster situations, that includes putting out house and building fires. This position includes more than just putting out fires, promoting an environment of public safety and teaching others of risks that can be prevented. Firefighters become EMTs prior to becoming the profession they desire, so rendering first aid is also a responsibility. Other duties require responding to emergency calls for specialized services such as hazardous

  • Personal Narrative: Firefighter

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    My engine opened at full throttle and my heartrate bouncing off redline as I saw the black smoke pouring into the sky like a coal factory chimney stack. While my partner and I arrived at the fire scene, the apartment was spitting out flames that crawled three stories high. Then, my partner and I downed our Personal Protective Gear (PPE) and the pulled attack line from the fire truck. Next, without a thought of fear, I entered the burning building. I pressed my left hand against the wall to guide

  • Essay On Firefighting

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    rescuing a teen from a car crash, or bringing a cat home to their owner after getting stuck on a tree. It all seemed great, but was I ready or would I ever be ready to see people in their worst days? It took me a whole year in college to realize that firefighting was something I did not want to pursue. Desperately looking for a new major, I started to consider teaching, but purely for selfish reasons. However, somewhere during my second year of college, there was a significant spark that led me to want

  • Essay On Firefighting Observation

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    During my observation time at the fire station, the crew and I got to interact with one another about various subjects, whether it was specifically about their job or something personal about them. I introduced myself individually to each of the fire men and told them something interesting about myself. When I told them about my experiences with boxing, each of them were interested and wanted me to show them stuff (Train). I didn’t do this until later on in the evening, when the men had an hour to

  • Wildland Firefighting Research Paper

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    Work Ethic Wildland firefighting is hard work, which hard work is not measured equally and has changed drastically over the generations. Work ethic is an essential component of the fireline due to the extreme hazards that are encountered. In order to go home at the end of the day it is crucial for wildland firefighters to have a strong character, a clear sense of teamwork/team cohesion, and dedication. These qualities help to comprise a well rounded and sought after wildland firefighter. Qualities

  • Firefighting Shifts More Expensive Essay

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    The physical aspects of firefighting can be very costly and brutal to one 's body. The long hours on your feet can result in negative effects emotionally and affect the performance of the personnel serving. It can be very dangerous to the public, Would most people want someone who is tired and worn out trying to save your life? Firefighters work extensive shifts up to 24 hours day and night. Some believe personnels are pleased with working 24 hour and prefer it. One reason Emergency responders accept