Armed Force Officer Training Plan

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Introduction A career in the Canadian Armed Forces officer program is one that is highly coveted by many. A role of this caliber comes with a lot of responsibility, authority, and the respect from peers and subordinates. The purpose of this report is to outline the benefits, and drawbacks of joining the Canadian Forces officer program. It will discuss the unique options that are available. There are several entry options to join the Canadian Forces but the option that this report is going to investigate into is the Regular Officer Training Plan. Qualification Process Entry into this selective program has a five step application process. Firstly, the applicant must write an aptitude test and a military potential assessment; these tests …show more content…

Therefore, the applicant is encouraged to apply to another program of their choice before applying to the Canadian Forces. If chosen to proceed into the Officer Training Program the applicant is required to maintain academic standards where they enroll. Upon completion and graduation form their program he/she will begin training to join their education with the military aspect of their selected field. Branches and Options in the Military A successful applicant can choose which career path to follow within one of the branches of the Canadian Forces. There are three branches within the Canadian Forces: Army, Navy, and Air force. In all the branches of the military there are several dozen specialty trades to choose upon selecting what branch you want to serve within. Within the Army branch you will serve at home and abroad while boasting a unique skill set, camaraderie and commitment to you fellow members and your country as a whole. This branch of the military is for those who love adventure and adrenaline-raising …show more content…

This course covers various topics such as general military knowledge, basic weapons handling, and first aid. While taking part in this course you will have several examinations on various topics such as W.H.I.M.S alongside CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear) warfare training. While on this course all examinations require a passing grade of eighty percent, though higher is often expected. A physical fitness program is also very vital to this course. Daily running, walking, and other activities occur throughout the day at various times. This keeps the candidates at a peak physical performance. There are on three occasions of physical fitness tests, which hold high standards that have to be met at different portions of the course that have to be passed to graduate. Once all the training and examinations have been completed and passed successfully there will be a graduation ceremony held by the recruit school. The ceremony certifies the start of the professional career in the field chosen by the

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