Shipboarding Scenario

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In week 1 you will be given your Navy-Issued Clothing and teach you how to properly fold and store your new belongings and also how to properly make your bunk. You will also receive complete dental and medical exams, and a hair cut too. The first week is also filled with conditioning, swimming, marching, drilling, and attending Navy classes. You will push your physical limits and achieve higher performance. Everything you do now and from this point will prepare for what lies ahead. Week 2 is basically a confidence course which is basically designed to simulate shipboard situations you could encounter in an emergency. Week 3 is a hands-on week. You will board a land-bound training ship and learn everything from nomenclature (Names), to first aid techniques, to Semaphore (Signaling with flags). Also in week 3 the classroom studies will focus mainly on custom and courtesies, laws of Armed conflict, money management, shipboard communication, navy-ship and aircraft identification, and basic seamanship. You will also have your first physical training test. In week 4 you will learn how to shoot and use a M-16 and a 12-Gauge Shotgun. After you have proven you know how to properly use them, you will move to the live-fire range. Also graduation pictures are this week and a academic test. In week 5 you will find …show more content…

These are two of the most vital things to know aboard a ship. You will get to learn many ship safety techniques such as how to extinguish fires, open and closing watertight doors, operate Oxygen Breathing Apparatus, and carry fire hoses. You will also get to take another academic test called the Confidence Chamber. Also in week 6 The Confidence Chamber is where you and about 100 other recruits will line up and put on a gas mask while a tear gas tablet is lit. After this you will be ordered to take the mask off and throw it in the trash while reciting your full name and Social Security

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