Essay On Military Equipment

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It is important to maintain our equipment because without our equipment or non-efficient equipment, our mission success or readiness goes down. This is especially important in the military because of the seriousness of our jobs. It is in the Army values "I will always maintain my arms, my equipment, and myself." Army Regulation seven hundred fifty dash one

establishes policies assigns responsibilities for the maintenance of Army materiel. The provisions of the regulation are applicable to all Army and civil-funded property under the

direct control of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Our equipment could be compared to another soldier. For example, if we were in a theater of war and we lost a soldier, it would

affect us all. That would cause
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This happening could potentially lead to loss of many lives. Relating it back to equipment, if we lose or don 't

take care of our equipment, we will have to replace/spend money on more just because we were to lazy or care-less to take care of what we had. In a way, a soldier

could be considered military equipment. The army spends time and money to put that him or her through Basic Combat Training, giving them gear, uniforms, weapons,

food, shelter, etc. Then after that they have to go through Advanced Individual Training. Again giving them the same basic needs as before while they were in Basic Combat

Training. While in Advanced Individual Training, they will use tools and equipment that is required for the job in which they applied for. They will have to take care and maintain this equipment as if it were their own. After graduating from both Basic Combat Training and their Advanced Individual Training, they will go out and be assigned to a unit to perform the job in which they trained to do. While there they will be responsible in maintaining and taking care of any tools, weapons, gear assigned to them. If they fail to maintain or be accountable for these items, they may be
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