The Importance Of Tough To Bear's Training

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The Tough Will Train and the Weak will complain Are you tough enough to train with the rough and deadly Navy Seals in Bud/s training (Basic Underwater Demolition? In the last 3 years on 750 people have passed this hated training. Only a special breed can pass this training. Bud/s training is the worst thing a person can go through. This is a six month long extreme training, with countless painful drills. These drills are designed to find the tough and eliminate the weak. These is said to be the most painful and hated training in the whole military including Air Force, Navy , Army, and Marines, and Coast Guard. Which speaks for itself. Over one thousand daring trainees attempt to take on buds training but only 200- 250 pass a year. These number should make a person think twice about enrolling. One of the many dreadful drills you will encounter is the drown proof test. This test is one of the most feared drill of all the Military. In this drill someone’s partner will tie their hands behind their back and feet together. Never try this at home or ever. There is many …show more content…

The Navy takes there sniper recruits and training very serious. Want to know how to enter… A person can’t enter you must be picked which is a very rare and special thing if a person is picked out to go through such a mental training. This is a 7 month long training. There are so many requirements to get into sniper school. You must have 20/20 and have so much experience and etc. Your basic weapon is a tricked out m14, the M14 is not the ideal killing weapon it is only accurate up to 500 yards. 800 yards if you were good. A sniper is shooting up to 1700-2000 yards in a war zone. That’s a mile and four times the range of the M14. It is so easy to fail and get kicked out. No one makes fun of anybody that got kicked out. They do so many pressure

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