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First month of Warrant Officer Basic Course The role of the military officer today is very complex, challenging, and very rewarding. The transition into Warrant Officer Basic Course (WOBC) has displayed a few of those characteristics. Upon arrival to the WOBC we as newly appointed Warrant Officers were welcomed with open arms. Not only was the students eager to get started and to begin learning on how to become future 131As but the instructors were as eager to coach, influence and direct the class in the direction needed not only becoming newly certified 131A but to become the future of the 131A cohort. During our first few weeks at WOBC we continued to get acclimated with the new surroundings of Fort Sill and continued to get accustomed to the transition from being enlisted to the officer branch. We in processed with the 1-30th FA Battalion which was simple and painless but the skill level or knowledge base to answer questions in …show more content…

Professional developments have varied from words of wisdom after Physical Readiness Training (PRT), topics of discussions throughout the day which not only links into targeting or field artillery but also how to steward the profession or simply exhausting all rumors of 131A’s. That being said we have received WOPD at many levels to include students from the last class to graduate WOBC, several CW3’s in the Warrant Officer Advance Course (WOAC), CW4 Pelts the 131A branch manager, CW5 Whitney the course manager and the Army Staff Senior Warrant Officer CW5 Williams. In my opinion the WOPD’s are a tremendous success in this stage of the course and hope will continue throughout. We as prior Non Commissioned Officers have worked for or with Officers somewhere in our career but we now have transitioned into a Warrant Officer and have zero experience in

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