Troop MAPPS Coordinator Essay

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Assigned as the Division MAPPS coordinator at the section level, I was responsible for supervising all Troop MAPPS Coordinators along with mentoring and training new MAPPS Coordinators. Coordinated and facilitated quarterly Troop MAPPS Coordinator 's meetings, providing Microsoft Excel and 632/SPCR process training which proved to be invaluable to new coordinators on a go forward basis. Presented 632 training to Troop 'C ' FOS supervisors during the First Line Supervision course. Acting as a liaison between the command staff of Field Operations and the information contained within MAPPS, RMS, CAD, E-daily, etc. I provided support in the development of policy, procedure, and SOP in all issues that relate to Field Operations personnel. Advocated the communication and best practices of MAPPS between the individual Troop MAPPS Coordinators and Field Operations. …show more content…

Quarterly completed and reviewed several “Scatter Plot Comprehensive Reviews” uncovering patrol practices that may have contributed to a member’s divergence from their peers. These reports are instrumental in assisting the Regional Commander with assessing any potential risks, and provide the command staff with the statistical information and analysis of that information to aid in the assessment of personnel within Field Operations. Facilitate the timely and accurate completion of all 632 's by the troop MAPPS Coordinators, maintaining the 632 database within the section providing the command staff with an audit of the database. Completed the Critical Incident Handling Audit, distributed to all Troop Commanders, assuring compliance that all critical reviews are completed within the given time frame. Coordinated the auditing and consolidation of the Troop Consents and K-9 databases into the master database, utilized by OLEPS in their Oversight

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