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I Am A Seal Team Six Warrior The Navy is not made for everyone. The book I AM A SEAL TEAM SIX WARRIOR by Howard E. Wasdin and Stephen Templin, explains why the Navy is not built for everyone. This book explains how Howard goes through multiple training courses to become the best of the best. Howard Wasdin was beaten as a child by his stepfather and it made him want to pursue the dream of becoming a Navy seal. Becoming best of the best is not as easy as everyone thinks. Wasdin did not enjoy the long terrible training but as he said “My experiences weren’t always enjoyable, but they were always adrenaline-filled!” (Wasdin 97). The first couple of weeks in training are not that bad. He started with a series of basic underwater demolition/Seal (BUD/S), the longest military training in the world. He was pushed through hell week, which contains waking up at five in the morning …show more content…

If you rung the bell you would be gone for good. In Howards group, there was man that left the group. Leaving Howard and his one partner left, they had to make it back by themselves and when they did get back, the man who left them did not get treated very well. Howard went through months of sniping school to become the best. He had to make his own ghillie suit to disguise him from his direct and if he was seen he would fail but if you were not seen then you passed. Navy seal practice everything there is to practice: land, sea, and, air. Howard wanted to be the best of the best. So he went to become a navy seal that was on seal team six. Seal team six is one of the most dangerous teams in the military. They are up there with the Rangers, Delta force, Green Berets. He set his mind to something he wanted to do and completed it. He became apart of Seal team six and became one of the best snipers in the

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