Navy Seal Research Paper

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My goal is that I’d love to be a navy seal. I’ve always admired the multiple things they’ve saved our country from. There is multiple things that intrigue me about being a navy seal. One of the multiple things are that the try outs are called “hell week”. The so called “baby seal” starts out making a monthly salary of 1,468$. 17,616$ as yearly income but as the years pass you can possibly make up 300,000$ yearly.
The main objective to qualify to be a navy seal is to pass the Physical Qualification Test. The minimum qualifications are to swim 500 yards in less than 12 minutes and 30 seconds. At least 42 push-ups under 2 minutes. 50 sit-up under the 2 minute limit. 6 pull-ups with no time limit. Also run one and a half mine under 11 minutes.

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