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U.S. Navy Corpsman Cadelyn Leibhart Topic: U.S. Navy Corpsman General purpose: To inform Specific purpose: To inform my audience about the U.S. Navy Corpsman. Thesis: I. Introduction A. Attention Getter: The hospital corpsman works in a lot of different locations. B. Reason to listen: The U.S. Navy Corpsman has been around since 1814, so about 203 years now. C. Credibility Statement: I have gained all my information through my dad and a couple different websites. D. Preview of main points: 1. First, I will discuss what the U.S Navy Corpsman is. 2. Second, I will discuss what you would need to join. 3. Finally, I will discuss the considerations when considering joining. E. (Transition: So, let’s look at the U.S. Navy Corpsman). II. According to Wikipedia, The U.S. Navy Corpsman is an …show more content…

Who may also serve with the United States Marine Corps. 1. The corpsman works in a wide variety of locations and shore establishments. 2. Such as Naval Hospitals, clinics, aboard ships, and as the primary medical caregivers for sailors while underway. 3. Underway means no longer at dock or even using the anchor, the boat is in motion. B. While many people think that getting into the military is easy it’s not, here are the Navy Requirements. 1. Before getting in you will first have to be between the ages 17-35 male or female. 2. You will need to take a Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery Combined Test(Asvab), with a score of 149 or higher. 3. You must have a high school diploma 4. And you cannot have a history of drug use or abuse offense on your record. C. There’s also a Navy Corpsman Training process to go through and pass. 1. First, you must attend a Navy recruit training at the Great Lakes, Illinois Base. 2. Initial training is held at the U.S. Military medical education and training campus, METC (Fort Sam Houston, Texas). 3. All Navy Corpsman candidates have to attend the joint Navy and Air Force Basic Medical Technician Corpsman BMTC, program at

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