John Kennedy Biography

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John Fitzgerald Kennedy was born on the 29th of May, 1917. In Brookline, Massachusetts, Boston. Into a privilege and upper class family. Being so rich, John was hardly affected by the Great Depression. In fact, he only heard about the Great Depression, after reading a book in Harvard. . Starting 1919, Kennedy started getting sick frequently, with illnesses like the scarlet fever, asthma, and whooping cough. These sickness continued to harm him throughout the rest of his life. John Kennedy had an older brother, named Joe Jr. the two were very competitive against each other and they fought each other frequently. In John's high school life, he was a well known troublemaker. He graduated 65th out of 116 students. And in 1936 he was admitted into Harvard, where he was known for being a playboy. In 1940 he graduated from Harvard. …show more content…

During that summer, he trained his body. However, he was still physically unable to join the military. Kennedy's father contacted his friends in the military, and with that, John passed his medical exam and joined the Navy in October. He was assigned to desk work, but in 1942 he was shifted to a Patrol Torpedo boat training program. On the 24th of April, 1943, John took command of a Patrol Boat. On the 2nd of August, in the same year, a Japanese destroyer wrecked the PT 109, killing 2 people and heavily injuring mostly everyone on the boat. John bravely led his men to safety on Plum Pudding Island. After four days on the island, John Fitzgerald Kennedy and his men were saved. For his bravery he was awarded with a Purple Heart Medal and a Navy Medal, these medals helped him very much when he entered

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