John F Kennedy Assassination Conspiracy Essay

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John F. Kennedy was a well know person in the United States. He was America 's 35th President from January 20, 1961 to November 22, 1963. Sadly his life was cut short in a trip to Dallas, Texas. The gunman was later founded and arrested but never stood trial because he was later killed. FBI release that it was a lone gunman work but many people say that there was another person involved in another build. The killer Lee Harvey Oswald who was an american sniper. Is it conspiracy or actual true that it was a lone gunman? Many articles, book, and people say it was a conspiracy by the FBI which I agree for many reason.

The reason why I agree it was a conspiracy is because in one article I read it said “Using acoustic evidence it concluded that Oswald "probably did not act on his own" and that a second gunman was operating from a grassy knoll.”(Bettman/Corbis) This alone brings many reason why and how come in …show more content…

At that point, he was shot, and Jackie shouted, "My God, he has been shot!"(Polidoro, Massimo) Is it me or is there more than I killer. Because Oswald shoot Kennedy from the top of a building while some witness say the killer was shooting from the street. This doesn’t make sense because there was nothing about a shoot on the street in the Warren Commission. Also the some witness blamed Jack Ruby. “She was convinced that this man was Jack Ruby, the club owner who, in three days, would kill Lee Harvey Oswald.” (Polidoro, Massimo) Could it be that Oswald bullet killed Kennedy but Jack wanted to do it so he later killed Oswald. Maybe they both planned it but Jack was angry at

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