Persuasive Essay On Jfk Assassination

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Brian Hernandez
Prof. Cicirelli


JFK Assassination Many conspiracies have taken place within government, but none of them have been more serious then JFK assassination. When JFK had fired its director and other agents, the CIA was scared that Kennedy would take down the CIA permently, he believed to be an extremely terrible agency under the government. The shooter, Lee Harvey Oswald, who was in the marines at one point was planted into the biggest CIA camp somewhere in the Asian pacific and had been wanting to attend the CIA. Apparently he was the guy for the job. Many critics say that Lee Harvey Oswald might have been brain washed by the CIA. For most people, the assassination of JFK marks this down as the biggest incident that has changed this country.
A surprise occurred after the convicted Oswald was killed during a police transfer by a man named Jack Ruby. Later on, the Warren Commission, also known as chairman Supreme Court …show more content…

The confusion, shock, and pandemonium at the scene of the crime can hardly be overstated. Amidst the sensory assault of roaring motorcycles, wailing sirens, and the highly animated throng cheering the arrival of President John F. Kennedy and his elegant wife, Jacqueline, one of the most momentous events of the 20th century occurred in mere seconds. Eyewitness perceptions varied wildly. Some thought shots had come from behind the limousine (the vicinity of the Book Depository), while others thought they came from in front or from the right side (the grassy knoll) three witnesses thought the shots sounded as if they came from right inside the President 's car. One witness erroneously thought a bystander was shot in the foot and fell down. One of the closest witnesses "thought [she] saw some men in plain clothes shooting back," which certainly didn 't happen, "but everything was such a blur." Early press bulletins reported that a Secret Service agent had been killed at the

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