Persuasive Essay On Justifiable Homicide

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Throughout the years, there have been many controversial cases that deal with justifiable homicide. A justifiable homicide is defined as the killing of a person in circumstances that allow the act to be regarded in law as without criminal guilt. This basically means that someone kills someone else because they feel threatened for their safety or for someone else 's safety around them. The main concept of justifiable homicide stands on a line between an excuse or a justification. In most circumstances, homicides are justified when they prevent greater harm to innocence. To rule a justifiable homicide one must prove beyond all reasonable doubt that the victim was purposefully violent. There are three different types of homicide; justifiable, …show more content…

At the time of the shooting, Trayvon Martin was a junior at Dr. Michael M. Krop High School in north Miami-Dade. Following the death of Martin, there were many rallies, marches, and protests across the nation. An online petition argued a full investigation on Zimmerman and the case. This petition collected over 2.2 million signatures across the nation. Also in March 2012, this case was featured more than the presidential race which was going on at the time. A huge debate over racial profiling swept the country gaining the attention of millions of people. Some people say that the only reason that Zimmerman targeted Martin in the first place is that he was African …show more content…

Although medical records show that Zimmerman had a broken nose, two black eyes, and gashed on the back of his head, I feel as if the whole situation could have been avoided. Yes, this area was known for robberies, but regardless I do not think that Zimmerman should have approached the situation the way that he did. On the other side of the story, If Zimmerman was calm when he approached Martin and he acted strangely, then that would have given Zimmerman probable cause to question him. The fact that Zimmerman was ordered not to get out of the car, and deliberately approached Martin shows that he was not trusted to be in the situation he was in in the first

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