Jfk Assassination Research Paper

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Bo Maiellaro
Dr. Hasty 9th LIT
Assassination Paper Many people know about the assassination of John F. Kennedy. What day it was on, where he was, and who he was with. But did you know that the main suspect for the murder, Lee Harvey Oswald, was also assassinated two days after the killing of John F. Kennedy. Lee Harvey Oswald’s assassination by Jack Ruby was unjustified because he did not have the ability to defend himself, however, the killing of Oswald exposed the idea that the assassination was a much more organized plan to end JFK’s presidency. It had been only 48 hours and 7 minutes since the assassination of John F. Kennedy when nightclub owner Jack Ruby killed Lee Harvey Oswald. In these short hours, Oswald barely had any time to plead innocent or guilty to the shooting. His name was in news reports and he was being held and charged for the shooting (Kesselring. "Lee …show more content…

If Jack Ruby had not killed Lee Harvey Oswald there would not have been suspicions that others were involved. Ruby had no motive for the killing. One possible theory was that Fidel Castro was behind the assassination because he disagreed with JFK’s ideas about world peace. Many believed that Jack Ruby attempted to kill Fidel Castro. Another popular theory was that Lyndon B. Johnson was behind the shooting due to his hatred of the Kennedy’s and his desire to be president. (Thomas, Michael. "JFK Assassination And Coverup: New Evidence and Testimony Emerges." Infowars. Digital Millennium, 20 Nov. 2013.)

There are thousands of books, websites and articles discussing the assassination and Lee Harvey Oswald’s involvement. Because of the shooting of Lee Harvey Oswald during his jail transfer, he was not able to receive the defense he deserved. The assassinations of John K. Kenney and Lee Harvey Oswald are two of the biggest unsolved mysteries in the history of the

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