Why Is John F Kennedy Responsible For Jfk Death

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The tragic assassination of John F. Kennedy occurred in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963. There were slim chances for Kennedy to survive the assassination. The First bullet went through his neck afterwards a second bullet hit his head. JFK was wearing a back brace which prevented him from taking actions to save himself from the second fatal shot. John F. Kennedy is the fourth president to be assassinated in the United States. Personally, I think Lyndon B. Johnson is behind the assassination. Evidence shows Lyndon B. Johnson is the mastermind behind the JFK assassination. The fingerprint found at the Book Depository where the rifle was fired turns out to belong to Malcom Wallace. Wallace is a longtime friend and associate of Lyndon B. Johnson. Earlier evidence from Wallace showing he has the mind of a killer is when he was tried and convicted of killing John Douglas Kinser. John was a professional golfer who was having an affair with Lyndon's sister. Why would Wallace kill Kennedy and Kinser? It seems that Lyndon had control over Wallace. …show more content…

Many weren't familiar with his past. Johnson is a co-conspirator from association with Wallace, Bilie Sol Estes, and Edward Clark in nine murders including JFK. Johnson had many connections to criminals. For those who know Lyndon's background information know that he goes out of his way to get what he wants. Lyndon's background shows that he is a true criminal. The motorcade route was a part of Lyndon B. Johnson's plan. The route was never changed it remained the same from the start of the day planning the assassination. The assassination wasn't a random incident. Lyndon planned everything out ahead of time. Everyone was in position. Many believe the route was a last minute change but, in fact the change was planned. Oswald was believed to be behind the whole

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