Was Jfk Assassination Justified Essay

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John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s assassination was just because he attempted to end the Vietnam war , restructure the CIA. My counter argument is that it was unjust because after he was out of office, he stay focused on political issues. JFK’s assassination was just because he tried to end the Vietnam war. If this plan had been operated and successfully made it would have left the US in deep debt. Because of this the US would have withdrawn without victory. This would cause world tension with their alliances. Not a good combination, but luckily these plans were not followed through by the president. If the world tension became even more serious and the US would have gone into debt, the economy would basically have another Great Depression except depression isn’t really great. This means that since your alliances have now become your enemies and do not support you, you will not receive any imports or any goods and you are already in debt. This may cause people in the states to receive lower income, creating total havoc. For all of the stated reasons JFK’s assassination was justified. Second of all, John F …show more content…

Such as the following. After John Fitzgerald Kennedy was out of office in between elections, he was still focused on the economic and political issues and conflicts in the US. While JFK was still alive, he remodeled America’s politics. Albeit his inexperience before entering office is thought process and decision making was reasonable and becoming of a rookie. There was the reasoning behind him wanting to end the war, however is was not the right way to end the war and there were many refutations to the decision. All he wanted was to prevent communism from spreading to North America but specifically the US. Because of this, his assassination creates more opening and possibilities of whether his assassination was just or

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