To What Extent Did The Jfk Conspiracy Theory

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The JFK Conspiracy Theory

Who actually killed John F. Kennedy? Jackie Kennedy, John F. Kennedy wife, believes that Lyndon Johnson had a major role in the assassination of her husband. Jackie believes that Lyndon Johnson had hired someone to kill JFK since it all happened at that certain time in Texas. Some more people believe that Lyndon Johnson is the one who had hired Lee Harvey Oswald to murder JFK. On November 23, 1963 President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. He was stuck by two bullets. There is several different theories out of who committed the crime. Lee Harvey Oswald ended up being charged for the murder, however there is gossip that there was others involved. The public disagrees that Oswald done it or at least had other …show more content…

One rifle could not of handled all the shots fired in the amount of time that it happened. The solid evidence against Oswald was that he was the owner of the gun. Also, at the time of the shooting Oswald had witnesses that saw him on the 2nd floor from where the last shot was fired. There was no gunpowder traces on Oswald either. Lyndon Johnson had motive too. “ In the 1964 election, there was thought that Kennedy might replace Johnson as Vice President.”“Johnson’s political career was being threatened by a corruption scandal.” The U.S. Policy on Cuba was considered not tough enough by most anti-Castro Cubans. Because Kennedy did not follow through on the invasion of Cuba at the Bay of the Pigs they think this is why this happened. The FBI wiretraps and informers proved senior mafia people spoke of their dislike toward the Kennedy brothers, who had forced the FBI and other agencies to take action against mobsters. The House Select Committee on Assassinations had info on the theory that the mafia killed JFK. Even though organized crimes as a group was not involved, individual members probably

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