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JFK was born May 19, 1917 in Brookline, Massachusetts. He was the 35 president of the United States. He was also the youngest president, elected 1960. He was 43 years old when president. Before he even became president his family had money. He liked to help people that didn’t have much. JFK was assassinated November 22,1963. What would you think,he should have died or he should of not died. To me he should of not died. JFK is unjustified he done so many good things for being a president like the Peace corps, Doing what he had to do for the united states, He was helping the poor, and donating to charity.
So when John F. Kennedy’s salary came he donated all of it to charity because his family didn 't need it or neither …show more content…

He also done whatever he could to finish or try to do for people that needed help. He really like to help people that needed help and was helping the place get better. He got up early to do work and slepped late if he did not finish it. When he ate breakfast he read as much newspaper to be kept up. He had meetings with important people like almost the whole day. He really wanted to do whatever he could do to help. Lee Harvey Oswald was the guy who assassinated JFK. November 22,1963 Oswald was on the third floor where he worked and had a rifle with him. he shot 3 times and 2 of those hit JFK and also hit the texas Governor. Later that day JFK died and the texas Governor survived but was injured. JFK was only 46 years old which is the youngest president. Later that day he was caught and arrested. Two days later November 24, 1963 Oswald was killed by Jack Ruby and Ruby immediately arrested. Fun fact about this is that it was caught on camera when Oswald was shot. Some people say that someone else was in JFK’s assassination.
In conclusion, JFK assassination is unjustified. He should of not died because he did so much for people that needed help. He made programs, donated,helped poor, and did what he had to do for his country. I think he should have not died and if he didn 't die who knows what else he could have done to help he could have changed a lot of stuffs that needed to

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