How Did Jfk Assassination Impact America

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President John F. Kennedy impacted America in the most significant way in comparison to other presidents of the United States. He had already started impacting America even before he was in office. Then, while he was in office, he made massive changes and worked on different policies and foreign crisis. One event that occurred during his presidency that greatly affected America was his assassination. After his assassination, many changes were also made that are credited to John F. Kennedy as a president. These four different time periods were all major parts in coming to the conclusion that John F. Kennedy had the most significance in impacting America, compared to other presidents of the United States. John F. Kennedy seems to be remembered for only his assassination but even before he was in office, he had already started to impact America in many ways. Rising Cold War tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union dominated the 1960 election campaign. The Democratic nomination was captured by John Fitzgerald Kennedy despite his Catholic faith, a seeming lack of experience in foreign affairs, and his youth. He won a solid victory in the Democratic primary on May 10 in overwhelmingly …show more content…

Kennedy, but also the death of three other significant figures at the time. Malcolm X was one of these people, since he was an African-American human rights activist. Another person that was assassinated was Martin Luther King Jr. His assassination was due to him being a leader in the civil rights movement, as an African-American. Robert Kennedy was also assassinated since he was a senator ready to end the division in America. These were all significant figures that were assassinated because of the amount of power they had. It all goes back to the power that John F. Kennedy had when he was president because the assassinators were in fear of how much one person could change the United States as a

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