Why Is John F Kennedy Responsible For Jfk Death

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Have you ever wondered what happened to the “best president to ever live?” John F. Kennedy was assassinated on November 22nd, 1963 by Lee Harvey Oswald, although there are many conspiracy theories not many believe it was Oswald. JFK was shot, and killed near downtown Dallas, texas close to Dealey plaza. The reason he died is also unknown due to the Oswald giving no information. The assassination of John F. Kennedy was unjust because he established the peace corps, and donated all his presidential yearly salary to charity; however many people believe JFK was the reason the nuclear war with russia almost started. Have you ever heard of “One of the most significant presidents ever elected into office?” Death is tragic, but many people have been assassinated. JFK was one of the many to be to be assassinated as a politician, while also being very notable, because of his status in society. He had been president early in his life, very wealthy, and he even had a stunning wife which all men adored, but because of that many men disliked him and were …show more content…

JFK should not have been killed because he helped establish the peace corps, which is what I’m typing about now. “I have today signed an executive order establishing a peace corps on a temporary pilot basis.” written by Schlesinger Jr. Arthur on page 1 is what JFK said which proves he established it by signing an executive document. JFK’s assassination was unjust, and there are many points why, the peace corps is a prime example. The quote in an article written by, Schlesinger Jr. Arthur M. states, “I’ve today signed an executive order establishing a peace corps on a temporary pilot basis,” which claims JFK helped establish the peace corps, by signing an executive

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