Jfk Assassination

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John Fitzgerald Kennedy became the 35th President of the United States in 1961 and his life story was a fascinating saga that includes privilege, controversy, scandal, injury, addiction, and yet heroism, perseverance, conviction and strength. John Fitzgerald Kennedy was given the nickname JFK. During his presidency, JFK led the country through several severe difficulties including the “Bay of Pigs” disaster, the “Berlin City Crisis”, the “Cuban Missile Crisis” and the “Sputnik Space Race”. While his presidency ended with tragedy, the JFK era would be remembered as a new age “Camelot” where both fear and hope came together to excite and enthrall our nation as if we were watching a great soap opera unveil in real life before us. JFK was born in 1917 as the second child of nine eventual siblings. His siblings were raised to both physically and academically super competitive versus the average youth of the day. JFK’s father was a very wealthy and controversial politician as his large fortune had come from both legal investments and illegal bootlegging. While his father served as an ambassador to England, JFK served as his father’s political and personal secretary where he learned an incredible amount of diplomacy and statesmanship. JFK graduated from Harvard before WW II and joined the Navy as a PT boat commander in the South Pacific where in 1943, …show more content…

Tragically, JFK was traveling in an open convertible motorcade in Dallas, Texas where he was assassinated in November of 1963. To this day, conspiracy theories abound that the assassination was carried out by more than the one arrested and alleged shooter. Rumors to this day blame an assortment of plots concerning the Russians, the Cuban Mafia, or even the US Government itself who was concerned about his drug and morality issues becoming an embarrassment to our

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