How To Write An Essay About John F Kennedy's Assassination

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John F. Kennedy: President of the United States in 1963 John F Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas in his seven person convertible. He was liked and not liked by people in Dallas. People came to see him like children going to the icecream truck. There was also a film made about him. It was called J.F.K it started a nationwide conspiracy, because the person that assassinated John F Kennedy got assassinated, and the person that killed the assassinator of John F Kennedy died of lung cancer right before his trial. However, that is why people are suspicious of his assassination. They think it was planned by the government. John F Kennedy impacted America and the people in it, and shot by Lee Harvey Oswald. The Motorcade in Dallas had a convertible seven seater car in it. On November 22, 1963 John F Kennedy was traveling in a motorcade in Dallas Texas. John and his wife …show more content…

John F Kennedy was the thirty fifth President of the United States and assassinated in Dallas Texas. Vice President Lyndon Johnson was the thirty sixth President of the United States after John F Kennedy was assassinated. John F Kennedy was pronounced dead after thirty minutes ( “John F Kennedy’s assassination”). The people tried to drive to the hospital but when they got there it was too late John F Kennedy was dead. Days after the assassination President Lyndon Johnson made November 25 the day of mourning for the death of John F Kennedy (“John F Kennedy’s Assassination”). It is three days after his assassination. It was a nation wide event. After the first hour of him being dead there was great confusion in the nation. Since this was during the Cold War or World War II some people thought it was an attack against our nation. It was not an attack, but it was an assassination of the President of the United States of America. He was loved by a lot of people in America, but shot by the one and only Lee Harvey

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