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On November 22, 1963 time froze when the beloved John F. Kennedy was tragically taken from this world. We will be looking at two accounts of the assassination, the first will be the official account AKA, the Warren commission 's report. The second will be from Doug Horne and his 5 volume work with the Assassination Records Review Board. After we have looked at the two accounts I will then tell you what I believe happened.
The Warren Commission 's Report states that Lee Harvey Oswald was ex marine who defected to soviet union, and became a communist. It was in the soviet union that Oswald developed his hatred for JFK. In The report it claims that Oswald shot JFK from the Texas school book depository building in downtown Dallas. It states that Oswald worked alone, and that no conspiracy was involved either domestic or international. It also stated that JFK was shot 2 times from behind. This report has been very controversial, and there have been many investigations following it. …show more content…

He believes that the government has covered up a substantial amount of evidence, and even replaced some. Unlike the official report, Horne thinks that Oswald was not a lone gunman and that he was part of a larger team. Horne thinks that there could have possibly been three shooters. He believes that there were two on the fence line and one behind JFK. Horne believes that JFK was shot 5 times, three in the back and two in the front. Horne states there motives could have been developed by JFK pissing off the right military officials, has well as lyndon B. Johnson. By statting this Horne implies that LBJ, and high military officials were involved in the assassination. Horne explains all of the evidence he as developed in his 5 volume work, and he shows the cover ups the government has done, as well has the evidence they have

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