1960s Dbq Essay

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From 1954 - 1968 the United States faced an essential event in its history called the African-American civil rights movement which occured to have equal rights for the african americans. When these events occurred there were leaders chosen for the african americans. A voice that spoke out in favor for them, and not only was there one but there was two. There names were Martin Luther King Jr (MLK) and Malcolm X. Though there was two, Martin Luther King Jr’s philosophy made the most sense for america during the 1960s because of their views on three topics. Violence, integration and the economy. Both leaders had there own personal views on violence but Martin Luther King Jr’s had the most peaceful and logical views to be used. Malcolm X views of violence were a bit more aggressive. Malcolm X was not in favor of violence but he said that non-violence should not be taught only to the black. Malcolm said that he didn't see anyone teaching the Ku Klux Klan about stopping …show more content…

Malcolm X’s philosophy on economy was that the blacks should learn more on financing and that they should have their own economy separate from the whites. Malcolm talked about starting a business in our own community, knowing how to spend out money and make a living also not protesting against whites and influencing boycotts (Doc 7). MLK was the opposite of Malcolms. He wanted to boycott he wanted everyone to have one economic system and he wanted to protest. MLK said that if the people refused to cooperate in the with the government and refusing to buy from stores that refuse to hire blacks, then there profit is taken away, forcing them to increase salaries of the blacks and there need of workers. MLK’s views on the economy was better. When his teachings were applied to all the blacks lives the outcome was just as he said. Income salaries were increased and store owners need to hire the blacks helping them in their

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