Was Selena Quintanilla Perez Assassination Justified

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Assassinations due to political, religious, and cultural reasons occur either without logical or ridiculous reasoning. Some assassinations are justified and some are not entirely even close to being called justice. One illogical assassination was of famous Tejano music singer “Selena Quintanilla Perez”. Being shot straight in the back with no warning, this case was justified with various reasons. Although the case was justified some may argue that the assassination was in deed never settled. While the case was considered closed and justice was served, some may believe the guilty was never punished or even sentence a well enough “punishment”. The case was closed but, the reason for the action made that day had no sense at all, or as one may say no logic behind it. So yes …show more content…

The murder story or “assassination” is described as Yolanda Saldivar funder of the Selena club, was embezzling money or “pocketing”. While being fired by Selena, Yolanda proceeded to take a handheld gun and shot selena in the back while walking away. They had met at a Days Inn and were trying to resolve the issue at hand, tension rose and while selena was leaving the room after firing Yolanda, she was shot in the back by Yolanda herself. Able to still manage to make her way to the motel lobby, she was able to speak and state that Yolanda had shot her. Yolanda was convicted and sentenced to serve life in prison, with only one parole, with the expectation of her serving 30 years before allowed to. In 2005 she was lefted out for her parole, and had served 30 years or more. Before the trail CNN had reported that prosecutors were expected to introduce a controversial police confession signed by Saldivar herself. She had said that she had shot selena “during an argument over accusations from selena’s father, stating that Saldivar had stolen money from selena’s

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