Persuasive Essay On School Shooting

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There have been 18 school shootings across the nation since January 1, 2018, which includes shootings where guns were fired accidentally and no one was injured, according to This is a major problem because many students, staff, and families are being affected. It is a trend that mental illness is the root cause of the shooter’s actions. This is a small part of the reason; however, I believe there are many other reasons: grandparents are raising children, guns are too accessible, violent video games, social media, news media, and the internet. Mental illness is a true problem with citizens who are not seeking help to treat their mental illness. Mental illness is not something that the shooter should be blaming there actions of shooting the school on. The shooter is just trying to use mental illness to make him not get in too much of trouble for the actions that the shooter did with the school shootings. Shooting at students and staff and using mental illness as another reason you did it is not a good reason. Mental illness is a disease and not a factor you should be blaming a school shooting on. Grandparents raising the children that are shooting at the school is another big factor. Parents of the children of these school shootings are into drug and alcohol while having the child. Which is having the child they had, …show more content…

Seeing the things on the news that is happening in today’s world is giving the people the idea of wanting to shoot up people in a school. From the news covering headline stories about school shootings, they are giving viewers of all ages ideas of how they can get into a building and how the shooter’s plans are executed. Then it gives the viewers ideas or a motive to try something similar in order to make national news. The media need to minimize what coverage and attention they are giving to the school shooting

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