Persuasive Essay On Media Coverage Of School Shootings

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When was it ever a smart idea to broadcast bad situations like it was entertainment? People see horrific situations and the media constantly replays it like it’s supposed to be praised. School shootings shouldn’t be heard of at all and it makes it hard to ignore bad situations when people are jumping to hear about the next bad event. Media coverage of school shootings should not be overly broadcasted because it can cause more problems in the end. The media makes it seem as if they praise things like this. Constantly seeing things on the level of mass school shootings can be dangerous. It can cause more shootings and bad situations. “I use to feel bad for the ones who were killed, but now Eric Harris and Seung Hui Cho became my idols” (“Aaron Ybarra” Herz). The shooter of the Seattle Pacific University shooting was inspired by other people that engaged in the same activity. “As of this writing, a Google search for the SPU shooter’s name brings up 409,000 hits—52,000 more than for Jon Meis, the 22-year-old student who selflessly subdued the shooter before he could claim more victims” (Herz). More people chose to follow up on the shooter rather than …show more content…

The impact the news has on people’s emotions is very strong and can cause a lot of problems. “He asked the clerk to call a local television station. He wanted cameras there to film his rampage” (Whisenhunt). Michael Brandon Hill wanted people there that can get the information out faster because he knew the effect it would have on the people hearing about it. People commit these acts because it is “a desperate act committed by a deeply troubled individual who wants to die and feel validated in the process” (Whisenhunt). Whether it’s just trying to get the information out there or trying to prevent these situations, news reporters make society uneasy because of the information they are putting out into the world

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