How Did The Columbine Shooting Affect Society

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The Columbine shooting is known as one of the most deadly school shootings in world history. I learned not only how deadly it was but the impacts it had on society and politics including new laws being made and an increased fear in school safety.

On April 20, 1999, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold went on a shooting rampage at their high school in Littleton, Colorado. The Columbine shooting sparked a new wave of crimes in America. It affected society by influencing people to recreate the shooting and have their moment just like Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold. In an article written by Emily Shapiro, it states “The sheer shock of 13 people losing their lives in the chaos that unfolded on live TV launched the country into a new era -- and new century …show more content…

While the shooting at the moment focused on the 13 people killed, it actually has a much greater impact now. Shootings are much more common than they were 20 years ago. Despite the increased and much more advanced security, there is still a rise in these crimes. Columbine served as the spark for some people and they try to mirror what happened. In addition, Columbine left many people scared for their child's safety at schools. In an article written by Todd Miller he explains, “School safety leaders have put a focus on enhancing emergency protocols and procedures, recognizing red flags, working with local public safety leaders to create more cohesive school emergency plans, and implementing new emergency response tools that provide interoperability” (Rave Mobile Safety). …show more content…

When I researched I was able to connect with others that had been at the shooting through reading articles and listening to speeches and interviews. While doing this I was able to gain more knowledge and a better understanding of the impact it left on their lives. Instead of just getting the facts that everybody knows I’m able to feel how people felt at the time of the crime. While finding primary sources I came across a picture of the two shooters standing in the school with guns in their hands just smiling. When I saw this I immediately felt no remorse for them. When you look at news headlines you only get a small understanding of what happened. But when I looked at that picture you could tell that Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold did not care at all about what they did. These guys were killers who enjoyed seeing people die at their hands. While peer editing it was reassuring to see others connect with what I was learning about. They also were able to see past the brief facts and get a deeper look at the impact it created. Creating and delivering the presentation helped me express my views on what I learned. I was able to inform the audience of the severity of the issue and give them insight into just how big of an impact the Columbine shooting

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