Eric Harris And The Columbine Shooting

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The Columbine shooting is known as to be one of the worst school shootings that has ever happened in history. This shooting took place in a little town in Colorado called Littleton. The two shooters were Eric Harris, and Dylan Klebold and they decided to start a school shooting on April 20,1999, and decided they were going to shoot up the whole school with guns, and bombs. Thirteen people were shot, and killed by the two shooters. Eric Harris was a military kid who had a lot of troubles with his life. He was always moving homes, and having trouble with kids during school. Dylan Klebold was more of the normal kid out of the two of them. His family was in the middle class, and had a normal life, and liked to talk about love. The two of them were …show more content…

Eric was a military kid compared to Dylan's history. This means that Eric was going to know his way around weapons a lot better than Dylan. According to Dave Cullen ¨ Eric sat down in his room with a stack of fireworks, split each one down the side, and tapped the shiny black powder into a coffee can. Once he had a sufficient volume, he tipped the can and guided a fine little trickle into a carbon dioxide cartridge (275).¨ This excerpt from the book ¨Columbine¨ is talking about Eric in the process of making a bomb. In the shooting of the school, it is known that there were a lot of bombs that were supposed to go off during the shooting. The bomb's timers, though, did not go off at the times that Eric, and Dylan thought they were going to go off. This made it impossible to know when the bomb was going to go off, so it made for a scary time after the shooting, not knowing what else was going to happen. Eric, and Dylan were also known to make videotapes in Eric's backyard. Eric was turned in by his neighbors because of the pranks he was doing, and because he was shooting guns in his backyard. These are things that the two teens were doing to get prepared for the shooting they are wanting to commit. Eric would practice everything at his house, but would also practice in other

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