Columbine High School massacre Essays

  • Argumentative Essay On Banning The Second Amendment

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    The Second Amendment was adopted on December 15, 1791. It allows American citizens to bear arms. We are talking about this issue because of what happened with the Parkland shooting. To this day, one of the top deadliest shootings that occurred here in the States is when Nikolas Cruz, a 19- year old had access to an AR-15. He managed to kill 17 innocent students and faculty leaving the entire school with a traumatic experience that one will never forget.

  • Anti Gun Laws

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    Since the end of the cold war, we have been in turmoil by the terrorist attack because of the ease to get a gun in this country. As known little by little this has become a big dilemma in the United States, but why? The domestics terrorist attack that has been happening in the United States, this is something that the citizens have to pay more attention to this issue since now citizens walk through the streets horrorized and trepidation because of the attacks with guns happening in these days, this will depend if they will see the next day. A lot of the terrorist attack that has happened in the United States it seems that the terrorist or gunman had more than one gun or weapon. Throughout the years the United States has been decided about

  • Persuasive Essay On Gun Control

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    In the U.S.A, an eighteen-year old can obtain multiple firearms including military-style rifles that can discharge a hundred of rounds in minutes. In a country where guns play an agonizing role in society, there has not been any modifying actions to regulating the use of firearms. Due to numerous mass shootings using firearms, the safety of citizens is at stake. Many incidents using firearms have costed the lives of many. It has reached its peak where mass shootings have become common.

  • Social Control Theory Of School Shootings

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    On April 20, 1999, two disturbed teenage boys Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris began a killing rampage at Columbine High School in the suburban town of Littleton, Colorado. This was considered one of the worst school shootings to occur at that time. In the morning of April 20, before noon, the two juveniles had killed 13 people to include 12 students and 1 teacher; they also wounded another 23 people before turning the guns on themselves. This event would change the theories as to why school shootings would occur. (History) Social Control theory can be used as a reliable and valid psychosocial explanation of school violence, specifically in explaining the actions of the Columbine school shooters.

  • Dramatic Suspense In Dave Cullen's 'Columbine'

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    Dave Cullen, had published Columbine ten years after this tragic event had occurred. Two of the students at columbine high school, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, had decided to try and create one of the biggest chaos’s trying to take out over 400 people. This school shooting took place in April of 1999, with 13 dead and around 24 wounded. This event had the country shook, having been one of the most well-known school shootings. In parts one and two of the book, Columbine, written by Dave Cullen, he creates suspense by the way he structures his writing, even though majority of the audience reading is aware of the outcome of this event.

  • Causes Of School Shootings

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    Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were two teenagers from Columbine, Colorado who are identified as school shooters. This incident is famously known, although prior school shootings exist. Eric and Dylan were introverts, antisocial, and bullied by the jocks. The boys decided they wanted to get revenge for all the bullying they encountered. Williams gave the exact death number: 12 classmates, one teacher, and the boys committing suicide (2008, p. 227).

  • Do Violent Video Games Cause People?

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    Violent video games can cause people to do very violent and horrific acts. Video games can cause teenagers to commit horrific acts such as murder, suicide, and it can teach kids to use harmful language. video Games can cause people to commit suicide, and they are games that are played all over the world. Games like call of duty can make you mad and change your mind in moment 's notice. Games can cause people to commit suicide, and they might not even show their suffering.

  • Persuasive Essay On Gun Violence

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    In October 2017, a man barricaded himself in a hotel room with an arsenal of 23 firearms and thousands of rounds of ammunition and opened fire on the crowd below, killing 58 people and injuring 500 more in this country’s deadliest mass shooting (Yan, Park, & Simon, 2017). The deaths of so many innocent people propelled gun control into a fierce national debate once again. Horrified, Americans watched the parade of victims’ pictures on the news and wondered how this happened. Analysis and debate of gun violence centers around politics. Rarely is there discussion of the impact firearms have on our lives, health, and economy.

  • The Conspiracy Theory: The Sandy Hook Elementary Shootings

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    Conspiracy theories are widely known in the society that we live in today. Webster’s definition of a conspiracy theory is a theory that explains an event or situation as the result of a secret plan by usually powerful people or groups. Conspiracy theories are accepted by many people in the world that we live in today. A recent conspiracy theory involves the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting. On December 14, 2012, Adam Lanza shot and killed twenty students.

  • 28th Amendment: Gun Control

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    28th Amendment: Gun control Introduction:It is necessary to know the importance of gun control because there are too many shootings just because of a terrorist who use guns to threaten civilians. Therefore this amendment will help end all the mass shooting and death cost by guns that we are facing nowadays in America. Why this Amendment is Needed Today: This amendment is needed because there are too much mass shooting and people who are being killed because of guns. According to “New Jersey Teenager in Custody After 4 Are Found Shot to Death at Home”, Christine Hauser oppose, “The statement said that it “appears” that the teenager, 16, had used a semiautomatic rifle to kill his father, Steven Kologi, 44; mother, Linda Kologi, 42; sister, Brittany Kologi, 18; and an acquaintance, Mary Schultz, 70, at 11:43 p.m.” The quotes show the dangers of keeping guns at home, although their purpose was for home security,

  • Fire Drill Research Paper

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    On April 20, 1999, students Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold shook North America when they attacked Columbine High School. Thirteen people were killed and twenty-four others were injured, attracting attention from media outlets all over the world. Afterwards, the media increasingly covered violence in America’s schools; mainly violence in the form of school shootings. Panic swept the country, and debates had emerged questioning the safety of school children in America. Many people strongly agree that these recent events were the worst in decades, and education in the 1960’s and 70’s were much safer than now.

  • Why Should Guns Be Banned In Public Places Essay

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    Guns are very dangerous weapons because of its danger it should not be legalized in public places. These weapons are the curse in our society, as they puts our world in danger because of its harmful uses. Many incidents took place in past years due to legalization of these weapons. These weapons put the lives of public in danger because of ease of access of these weapons. In past years when these weapons were legalized in public places then their misuse began to increase as students also started bringing such weapons in schools and this thing result in great violence even at schools and colleges.

  • Rise Of Mass Shootings

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    The rise of Mass shootings in the U.S. In the last 52 years there has been 150 mass shootings in the U.S. In the 50 years before that, their were just 25. In those 52 years 1,077 people were killed. In the year 2017 alone, 112 people were killed.

  • Gun Control In America Essay

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    As the lives of seventeen students were taken away this valentine's day, in the most recent school shooting at Douglas High School, great controversy has erupted on the topic of gun control in America. Teens and parents across the world, have come together to protest the broken system that has greatly devastated so many families. As the discussion of gun control spreads, many turn to the NRA and political leaders to blame, but are these the people at fault? In the article, America's Unique Gun Violence Problem Explained in 17 Maps and Charts, German lopez writes, “ America has 4.4 percent of the world’s population, but almost half of the civilian-owned guns around the world.” These statistics explain americas lead in gun ownership well supported by both the NRA and the U.S second amendment. As the shootings increase so do the issues.

  • Short Essay On Bullying In Schools

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    Bullying in schools Bullying is one of the biggest problems in schools, bullying in USA and in Japan is the greatest, they have that largest number of reported cases of bullying Bullying today is a threat to children and tenagers 83% girls 79% boys, 35% suffers from cyber bullying, six out of 10 teenagers witness bullying in schools once a day this leads to a 75% of school shootings incidents, this have been linked to bullying and harassment Bullying has serious side effects, students who are target of this experience extreme stress that can lead to symptoms of physical illness and a diminished ability to learn also depression which can lead to death In the 21 century we were introduced to the to great technological advances including

  • The Importance of Discussing Violence in Today's Society

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    In today's society it is very important that we discuss violence, because it is beginning to get out of hand and extremely dangerous we have young children killing up one another every day and it is sad. When watching the news or getting on social media all you see is rest in peace, fatal shooting, mass shooting, and innocent students at school getting shot. For instance, the shooting that happen at Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida was the worst massing shooting since Sandy Hook Elementary in Newton, Connecticut. Also Las Vegas Strip shooting was the deadliest in Modern American history where fifty-eight was killed and five hundred injured. Violence is becoming rapid and wide spread all over the word it is time for it to come to a stop.