Compare And Contrast Columbine And Eric Harris

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One of America’s Top Tragedies: Columbine On April 20, 1999, a tragedy struck America that would gradually change school laws and security over time. Eric Harris, 18, and Dylan Klebold, 18, started shooting and throwing homemade pipe bombs inside Columbine Highschool. There were 13 deaths and over 20 injured, making it infamous as one of America's worst school shootings. Many were inspired to create items and writings that hover around the thought of the Columbine incident, many works include Columbine by Dave Cullen and Rachel Scott journals by Beth Nimmo and Debra Klingsporn. These pieces dive deep into what happened to individuals during the events of Columbine, and after the events of Columbine and how it affected the individuals. There can be many comparisons and contrasts when it comes to Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold with both of them being mentally unstable, they had different views of the world, and each had their own struggles in their everyday life. First, before the events of Columbine, Eric Harris was not mentally well, so he was put on a medication called Zoloft before being prescribed Luvox to help him. However, neither medication stopped his homicidal tendencies, it is possible that it did in fact increase the impulses. “In fact, Luvox and closely related drugs commonly produce manic psychoses, …show more content…

Such authority can be police, therapists, and even his own father. He knew how to act around them, and he played them really well. “They would meet at Eric’s house mostly, sneak out after midnight, and vandalize the houses of the kids he did not like” (Cullen 1). This quote shows that he didn't care for many people, or the consequences, he did what he wanted and got by with only a slap on the wrist (metaphorically). Dylan just had trouble in general - fitting in, authority, and being noticed - he was a quiet person and everyone just seem to look over

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