Research Paper On Columbine High School Shooting

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On April 20, 1999, there was a shooting at Columbine High School. One of the survivors, Samuel Granillo, was struggling to cope with this tragic event. Samuel was able to recover from the event. He started the Columbine Wounded Minds programs. [CWM] Samuel’s idea was to find a way to tell his story and raise awareness, and get help for the lasting effects he and his fellow survivors suffered. It’s a way to support people who suffered similar situations like Samuel.
On April 20, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris ambushed Columbine High School. They placed two propane bombs in the cafeteria, then went inside and into a killing spree. There were 20 students injured and 13 people killed. After a while, they committed suicide near the library. We aren’t 100% sure of the main reason for these attacks. Since bullying was common at Columbine High School, the students believed the reason was that Dylan & Eric were considered outcasts. It will forever leave a scar on those who remember it. …show more content…

It was a couple of days before Graduation Day. Samuel heard some commotion outside the cafeteria. A couple of minutes later, there was a noise of breaking glass and a heavy explosion nearby. Samuel and nearby students went into the kitchen for a place to hide. They waited countless hours waiting while the SWAT team arrived to save the classmates.
This event left a scar on Samuel's life, 15 years after the shooting, he became a filmmaker and made a documentary called Columbine Wounded Minds. Columbine Wounded Minds is a documentary about the aftermath of the shooting. This documentary talks about the journeys to see what the survivors of Columbine were doing after the shootings. He made multiple videos and clips talking about people's sufferings. The purpose of the film is to raise money to help other people with similar tragedies to

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